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2018 wedding availability

We have a cancellation for an exclusive weekend wedding here at Owlpen, for 15th September 2018.  It is usually one of the most sought-after weddings of the year (September is now more popular than July or August, according to national statistics) so we a re delighted to be able to offer it at such late notice.  If you're looking for a Cotswold wedding venue for 2018, and you would like a barn wedding, garden reception, accommodation on site and a stunning tudor manor house as the perfect backdrop, look no further than Owlpen!  Contact bella in the estate office to arrange a visit to Owlpen

Phantom Thread filming at Owlpen

Well it has ben a while, but over the past year we have been sworn to secrecy about our involvement in Phantom Thread.  Last winter, we welcomed 130 cast nd crew into our lives, as they came to Owlpen to use it as an exclusive film location in the Cotswolds.  We loved getting to know Daniel Day-Lewis, who stayed in one of our holiday cottages here on the estate for three weeks.  Not to mention the delightful Vicky Krieps, who stayed in another cottage with her mother and young son.  It was hard giving up the house to a film crew, especially when they asked to do things like to run cables th

Christmas parties

We have been busy compiling our new menu for 2017 Christmas parties here at Owlpen.  Our chef Raoul Moore says, "we have something for everyone here.  If you want the traditional Christmas Turkey dinner it's all yours, or for pescatarians I'm offering roasted fillet of sea bass.  And Lady Mander's signature puddings are mouth-watering this year, as always!"  Thanks to our partnership with Tetbury wine merchant Vinotopia, we are offering our house prosecco as a complimentary welcome drink, and our wine list has just bee given a re-vamp too.  Lots to be excited about this Christmas!

Autumn weddings

As the leaves slowly begin to change colour, so does the colour scheme chosen by our lovely brides at the weddings here at Owlpen. Roses give way to sunflowers, emphasis on greenery more than flowers, and of course the backdrop of Owlpen is never quite the same as each beech tree slowly responds to the changing season.  Looking forward to more wonderful celebrations as the evenings draw in, which means more fariy lights, lanterns, fire bowls and, of course, a few blankets!  

Concert at Owlpen

We are delighted to announce a special one- off event here at Owlpen.  In partnership with the Passaglia Duo, we proudly present an evening of baroque music at Owlpen Manor, on Tuesday August 8th!  Local musicians Annabel Knight and Robin Bigwood return to Owlpen on a break from their busy global concert schedule to share with us a double-bill of music by Bach, Handel and Telemann.  

Tickets are available online or through the Owlpen estate office.  See flyer below for more information. See you there!


Owlpen house tours

We have had a great summer so far, largely spent taking private house tours around the manor house and gardens. Thw tours are usually conducted by Sir Nicholas Mander, who bought Owlpen in 1974, and has spent a lifetime restoring, repairing, researching and reinvigorating the estate.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to welcome the Friends of Gloucester Archives, a group of 24 people who, despite the rain, very much enjoyed their trip around the house, conducted by Hugo Mander.  Here is a flavour of their kind words after the visit was over: