Glamping at Owlpen Manor


At Owlpen we can accommodate up to 40 people in our nine holiday cottages.  However, if you’re after additional accommodation, or if glamping is more your thing, we can also arrange this for you.  We have teamed up with a highly experienced local company who provide up to 30 bell tents for a range of venues throughout Gloucestershire and the south-west of England. Put simply, they set up the tents before you arrive, and we look after you when you get here!


All of the tents are new 5-metre bell tents, unless otherwise discussed with us.  They come with the following creature comforts:

  • Foam fold-out bed, doubles only (single beds are inflatable)

  • 13.5 – 15 tog duvets (feathered) although synthetic available for those with allergies

  • Pillows and cushions

  • Cosy bed linen

  • Extra blankets

  • Floor rug

  • Vanity mirror

  • LED battery lamp

  • Fairy lights

  • Bunting (optional)

  • Hot water bottle

  • A house plant

We can also arrange bridal tents, chill-out tents, fire pits and extra blankets if you need them.


As you’ve probably worked out already, at Owlpen there is a premium on flat ground!  We have two locations which we recommend for camping/ glamping, although ultimately we are flexible.

Location 1: the water meadow.  Between the mill pond and the lake: a flat piece of shady ground with plenty of space for tents and circulation space.  Close to the barn and Grist Mill.  Great for wild swimming.

Location 2: the glade.  This is a smaller site just beneath the main car park.  It has water and electricity so this is where we would install showers and toilets as a first preference.  Just 100 metres from the water meadows.


The cost for the tents covers a two-night stay, with all of the facilities mentioned above.  We have two preferred glamping suppliers, with details below.  Please contact them directly for up-to-date prices.   Their details are as follows:

Pepper Bells 

JB Event Hire Ltd


As we have many holiday cottages on-site, guests can use the facilities that these houses offer.  However, we recommend that you hire in extra facilities, especially if you are looking for a whole glamping ‘village’ to be set up.  As follows:

Showers: 4-bay shower unit with gas:


Luxury toilets:

1 + 1 Luxury Oak Toilet Unit (Zara) comprising 1 x ladies WC  and 1 x gents WC complete with consumables

NB larger units are available at additional prices



Standard “festival-style” toilet units

£110 each

Depending on the amount of people these facilities are required for, we can either break down the cost of these so that each person pays slightly more, or they can be paid for separately.  Based on 30 people camping, the increase in price for showers and luxury toilets would be £30 each for the whole stay.

NB Glamping tents are subject to availability from our suppliers, and we recommend that you order them at least six months in advance.  If people would like to bring their own tents and camp freestyle, there is no additional charge for this but you may want to ask them to contribute to toilet/ shower facilities if you feel it is appropriate.

If you are interested in glamping here at Owlpen, please contact Bella in the office for more details.