Noise Management Plan

At Owlpen Manor we are ever mindful of the effects that our commercial operations may have on not just our neighbours, but ourselves, as we live here too!  The management team works closely with all of our neighbours to make sure that our operations impact their lives as little as possible, and we take this very seriously indeed. 

Over the years we have learnt a great deal about what type of noise travels furthest, and therefore needs to be limited.  Therefore we now have a dedicated page on our website which sets out our approach to managing noise, to keep both our clients and our neighbours well informed and content.  We have added a clause into our contract which obliges our clients to agree to these terms upon point of booking.

Guidance for Bands and DJs

We have seen a wide range of evening live performances at Owlpen Manor, including some outstanding DJs and Bands. We have experienced what has worked brilliantly and have seen performances that have worked less well. As a result, we have updated our Terms & Conditions requesting that all Bands & DJs that perform here meet our requirements to ensure that we create a safe and enjoyable performance for everyone. We ask that your band works with us in a professional and polite manner, which includes our staff who are doing their best to uphold regulatory compliance.

Operation within the venue’s Premises Licence sound output parameters of up to 90 decibels (dB), which is measured at the Cyder Barn, is a requirement of accepting any booking with our customer.  Owlpen Manor has a decibel monitor which shall be used if levels are thought to have risen above the accepted threshold.  If readings are seen to be too high, we shall oblige the band to turn the music down.

We ask that your band understands and works with us professionally on the night of their performance here at Owlpen Manor.  Whilst our premise license is not as restrictive as many other venues, the local authority has rightly requested that we follow their guidance on live performances and we would appreciate the full cooperation of all musicians.


Indoor Music

  1. We reserve the right to request and make any adjustments to the sounds should we be concerned of any potential impact to our guests and staff.


  1. We will continue to take sound measurements through-out your entertainment, if we find that the sound level of the music is increasing or at an unacceptable level, we will request that this is reduced immediately. If this level increases again, we reserve the right to end the performance.


  1. If we request to cease the band or DJs performance due to any reason relating to noise, health and safety, or if they do not comply with our requirements set out in our Premises License, we will not be liable for any financial reimbursement to your customers.


  1. We will work with the chosen act during their sound testing period to ensure that they are able to keep within the 90 dDA noise limit. By signing these terms and conditions, the client agrees that they will be able to meet this request.


  1. If the noise levels are too high, we reserve the right to adjust any sound system as part of our responsibility to keep all venue noise to an acceptable level. We request the artist nominates one member of the DJ or band to work with Owlpen Manor staff should we have to make any adjustments to these sound levels.


  1. Drums and any brass levels should be kept low to minimise impact to any nearby residents.


  1. Drums must be used with Hotrod style sticks.  If the drummer is not able to bring them, we can provide a set which we have on-site.  


  1. The band or DJ should bring all equipment required, speakers, etc for their performance.


  1. Bass bins are not permitted or required at Owlpen Manor. Where possible bands should use a silent stage model with electric drum kit, DI’d guitar and bass. This will maximise the level that they can perform at, and give band, staff and clients the most space for a great party.


  1. The finishing time for all live music indoors at Owlpen Manor is strictly at 11:30pm on Saturdays, unless agreed in advance with the venue, and 10.30pm on weekdays. A play list or DJ can continue until 00:00 on Saturdays or 11pm on weekdays, or to the agreed extended end time.


  1. We recommend playing 2 x 1-hr sets that finish between 10.45pm – 11.15pm on weekends, and 10.15-10.45 on weekdays.


  1. We ask that performers indicate to us in advance how long they will require to set up their equipment and if they have any other needs. Food and drinks should be ordered through the client and details passed to us in advance.


  1. There is access to the front of the Cyder Barn and flat access to the barn via the Pole Barn. Performers should not have to carry equipment more than 10 meters. The set-up area is 3.5m x 2m. We do not permit bands to have any more than 5 members for this reason.  Inclusive in this number, a maximum of 1 horn instrument can be included. Please ensure that no vehicles are left blocking access to pathways and the venue. Cars should be moved to the main car park after unloading.


  1. Performers are not permitted to use any smoke effects, strobe lighting or foam/glitter/confetti machines or devices unless it is agreed in writing in advance by Owlpen Manor.


  1. We are required, under the terms of our license, to keep certain doors to the barn closed, especially later into the evening, to contain the noise. We shall continue to police this throughout the evening.


  1. You should have at least £5 million public liability insurance in place and agree to show these documents on request.


  1. All electronic equipment must be PAT tested within 1 year of the event date. Certificates must be sent to Owlpen Manor in advance of any performances.


  1. When moving equipment into the venue, please ensure that internal and external doors are not damaged, and the appropriate care is taken to protect the venue.


  1. All wires should be taped to the floors to prevent hazards. Low-adhesive tape should be used. If this is not used, we regret that the band will be held responsible for any accidents or damages relating to any of the equipment.


  1. The booking of the band or DJ services for functions at Owlpen Manor is made directly between the band or DJ and the client in question. All liabilities arising in respect of that contract will be strictly between you and the client, and will not in any way affect Owlpen Manor’s liabilities.


  1. In the event of a fire you are responsible for evacuating via the nearest fire exit and leaving all equipment behind. Please report yourselves and any colleagues to a member of Owlpen Manor staff at the designated assembly point.


Outdoor music

We enjoy it when there is music drifting through the gardens on a summer’s day, and it lifts the mood of our guests and staff members alike.  However, given our rural location with lots of animal life, and also some neighbours who need some peace too, we operate a firm but fair policy with regard to outdoor live and recorded music outdoors.

  1. We require that all performances are acoustic when playing outdoors.  We find that the most suitable instruments are harps, string quartets, guitars and steel bands: they create a relaxed atmosphere without too many bass notes. 


  1. We do not allow drumming or brass instruments of any kind in the gardens.


  1. Amplified live music is not permitted unless by prior arrangement with the management.  If a request is submitted, we undertake to liaise directly with our neighbours before granting permission.  As some areas of the garden do not have electricity, we recommend that battery-operated equipment is used.


  1. Recorded music is only permitted when using our portable bluetooth speaker unit, in order for us to make sure that the sound levels are set to an acceptable level.


  1. We do not permit any music – whether live or recorded – to be played or performed outside after 8pm, unless a written request has been submitted at least one month in advance: this allows us to collaborate directly with our neighbours and the council to obtain the correct permissions and notifications.


  1. Where musicians require a covered space, Owlpen Manor is not able to provide facilities: they would have to bring their own small tent or gazebo in order to meet their own requirements.



Licence Conditions

In close collaboration with Stroud District Council, we have agreed to the following conditions in order to ensure that our events are managed sensitively and with respect of our neighbours:

  1. All regulated entertainment ( live and recorded music) between the hours of 23.00

and 00.00 on Friday and Saturday nights will take place only within the walls of the

Cyder Barn.


  1. The double French Doors on the southern facade of the Cyder Barn must be kept

closed (other than for access and egress) at all times when regulated entertainment

is taking place inside.


  1. Any other external doors or windows on the Cyder Barn must remain closed at all

times when regulated entertainment is taking place inside.


  1. During regulated entertainment performances the on-site venue manager or their equivalent shall periodically patrol the neighbouring area and if noise levels are found to be readily audible and intrusive to residents the performer shall be instructed to turn the music down to an acceptable level.


  1. Residents in close proximity to the premises who are affected by noise issues shall be provided with a telephone number and email address to enable them to contact the premises during events to ask to turn the music down. All reasonable steps shall be taken to accommodate such requests.


  1. Notices are to be placed at all exits asking customers to show consideration for residents and leave the premises quietly.


We keep our noise management plan under constant review, so this is to be considered a live document.