Phantom Thread filming at Owlpen

Well it has ben a while, but over the past year we have been sworn to secrecy about our involvement in Phantom Thread.  Last winter, we welcomed 130 cast nd crew into our lives, as they came to Owlpen to use it as an exclusive film location in the Cotswolds.  We loved getting to know Daniel Day-Lewis, who stayed in one of our holiday cottages here on the estate for three weeks.  Not to mention the delightful Vicky Krieps, who stayed in another cottage with her mother and young son.  It was hard giving up the house to a film crew, especially when they asked to do things like to run cables through our bedroom window at 5am before filming days began.  It was also difficult to give up our kitchen.  Lady Mander is an avid cook and the kitchen is the nerve centre of the house, always full of people, dogs, clutter and lovely cooking smells.  At this time of year, it's an industrial  centre for the production of jams and pickles.  Not in 2017 though!  Lady Mander was relegated to the boot room for three weeks, as the crew took over and filmed some of the movie's pivotal scenes around the table. Apparently traditional rural kitchens are like gold-dust in the film location world, so when the crew saw it, they were determined to set up shop in there.

We went to the film premiere in London last week, and we look back on the project with fond memories a year on.  We're so proud to have been part of a film which has been nominated for six Oscars as well.  Can't wait to see it the film has won, it certainly deserves to...

For our press release about the filming, see here.  And watch out for more mentions of Owlpen Manor in the media soon!