Virtual Tour

The Owlpen Estate is set in its own remote and secluded valley, and it is hard to see how everything fits together by looking at photographs.

To help with this, we have created a collection of videos for you to watch, which shows our different locations. It may also be helpful to watch some of our past wedding videos, to see the lie of the land on a real wedding day.


A virtual tour is no substitute for a visit in person, but the next best thing is to see how the estate looks from afar. And there is nothing better than a drone to make this happen! Have a look at the next couple of videos to see the magic of Owlpen captured on film: these videos show you the estate in general, and also the gardens and grounds, all ready for a wedding day.


At Owlpen we have two barns which form the main focus of the venue when you are indoors. The medieval Cyder Barn, dating to 1446, is our principal ceremony room, and in the evening it is the bar, dance floor, party space. Right next door is the brand new pole barn, custom designed for dining for up to 120 people. It can be zoned to suit smaller numbers, and it is fine to have bands in the pole barn too if you want to. We can lay up classic round tables or rustic long trestle tables, according to your preference. It’s your call!

Cyder Barn and Pole Barn virtual tour from Owlpen Manor on Vimeo.


One thing that makes Owlpen so special, is our diverse range of accommodation. By booking with us you have access to a private hamlet in its own Cotswold valley, and all of the houses are available to stay in. We love the ancient Grist Mill, mentioned in the Domesday Book, and set just a stone’s throw from the manor house itself. We also offer The Court House, a weaver’s cottage, the old keeper’s lodge, the farmhouse, and other cottages and byres scattered around the valley. The boutique Cotswold holiday cottages all have their own kitchens and bathrooms, so people can be self-sufficient if they want to, and they are all a short walk away from the manor house itself. Click on the link below to take a tour!

Owlpen Church Weddings from Owlpen Manor on Vimeo.


The Church of the Holy Cross is situated just behind the manor house. With its Norman font, magnificent Victorian mosaics and pre-Raphaelite tile-work, this is one of the hidden jewels of the Cotswolds. The church seats over 120 people, and is the perfect setting for a romantic religious ceremony. Nominate a friend to ring the bell and you’ll leave the church in style with the sound of bells pealing across the valley.



There is nothing like seeing what the venue is really like on a big day. To help you visualise how everything fits together, we have shared a video which illustrate this. Enjoy!